Tijuana was recommended by the New York Times as the eighth best site to visit in 2017. Here you can walk its tourist district and immerse yourself in its multifaceted and vibrant culture. It has its own charm and is a melting pot of the regional diversities of Mexico and other cultures beyond its borders because it has been favored by its proximity to the United States.

It has been named millennial city of contemporary culture whose intense cultural diversity has given rise to the birth of new artistic and gastronomic tendencies. The world-famous margarita and the Caesar salad were born here, and Baja Med fusion cuisine is now known worldwide.




Admire the murals, graffiti art and visual art expositions at street events such as “Opera in the Street” and International Film Festival. You can even catch theatrical productions that take place in the public spaces.

Tijuana has an event calendar to cover the whole year, food, wine and beer festivals.

Music from Jazz to Reggae, Rock and Mexican regional themes abound specially duringthe spring and summer weekends. Score’s Tijuana Desert 250 for off-road race fans.





You will find plenty of things to do at the avant-garde Tijuana Cultural Center, in the Museum of Las Californias.

Explore the history and culture of the Baja California Peninsula, check out the “El Cubo” exhibition area, visit the wildlife at the aquarium or botanical garden, relax at the Domo IMAX theatre, and stop by the bookstore or have a delectable dinner right at the Cubo restaurant.





A scenic 50-minute drivefrom Tijuana, with magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean and sleepy beach communities along the toll highway.

In Puerto Nuevo seafood and Mexican food are the staples, but at this fishing village they are known for reinventing the way you enjoy lobster. The local specialty is available in small or large tourist-friendly restaurants, some overlooking the sea.